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SPIRIT ADRIFT share trippy new video for 'Angel & Abyss'

Soaring guitars to brighten your day.

Photograph by Joey Madden

Back when we interviewed Nate Garrett of SPIRIT ADRIFT late last year, he mentioned working on his vocals to reach the next level on their next album. Let's just say he surpassed that.

As we near the release of SPIRIT ADRIFT's wondrous new record Divided by Darkness, the band have shared a perfect visual companion to their new single Angel & Abyss. The dual guitars truly soar alongside Garrett's vocals on this melodic outing, reminiscent of the 80's metal classics.

Stream the fantastic Dillon Vaughn-directed video below and pre-order what copies are of the album here. Divided by Darkness is out on May 10th, 2019 via 20 Buck Spin.

Cover art by Joe Petagno


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