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SPIRIT WAS (Nick Corbo) announces debut album 'Heaven's Just A Cloud' + shares lead single

An all-encompassing listen from the audiovisual talent awaits.

Photograph by Dave Medina

There's a compelling dynamic that can be identified within a self-contained musical entity. With all of the visual and music duties being tasked to one multi-faceted mind, the result is truly intrinsic. In this same vein, Nick Corbo's Spirit Was remains honest to his compositional ambitions, ambitions that extend beyond just a moving soundtrack towards a seamless and intentional illustrative representation. He now announces the debut Spirit Was full-length, Heaven's Just A Cloud, to be released on October 22nd via Danger Collective Records with a self-drawn cover that provides a canvas for interpretation.

Heaven's Just A Cloud is a slow burning effort of heavy instrumentation and ambient atmospheres that coalesce in balance for one enticing listen. From melancholic passages to an erupting black metal roar, lead single I Saw the Wheel braces audiences for the variety of it all. The track comes accompanied inspired by the work of photographer Gregory Crewdson and was filmed throughout locations from Corbo's childhood.

Corbo comments on the single:

“It’s about waking up in the back of the van on the highway in the middle of the country with nothing out there on either side and coming to the realization your band is gonna break up soon. Also, the bizarre sensation of finally seeing a shape in perspective while making a drawing.”

He adds:

“Director Rob Kolodny and I were brainstorming ideas for the video and started focusing on our mutual love for Gregory Crewdson. As we explored those references more and more we realized how eerily representative it was of my hometown, and decided to make some of those locations the focus of the video. Our aim was to capture the uncomfortable serenity of some of those places and, over the course of the song, develop them into very intentional, choreographed, and other-worldly scenes. Rob and the House of Nod team did an amazing job bringing ‘I Saw the Wheel’ to life.”

Experience I Saw the Wheel below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover Art by Nick Corbo


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