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SPIRITBOX share new single 'Circle With Me'

Another step towards one of this year's most anticipated full-lengths.

spiritbox travis shinn
Photograph by Travis Shinn

Canada's SPIRITBOX have been on an upwards trajectory ever since their self-released EP in 2017, garnering high praise for their moving hooks and a varied use of melody that pairs well with vocalist Courtney LaPlante's broad vocal range. One could say they're one of metal's upcoming headline acts and with the release of their new single Circle With Me (Rise Records), the trio set the stage for their upcoming year-end contender of an album. With soothing vocal harmonies and an earth shattering breakdown, Circle With Me bridges the best of both worlds and puts the band's musical prowess on a pedestal.

Courtney LaPlante comments on the track:

"This song was written in the studio as a last minute addition, one of the many reasons we are so grateful to no longer be exclusively working remotely. It captures the spectrum of emotions I’ve been feeling lately about my music. From the anxiety I feel about messing up, to a confidence meant to protect me from self doubt.

Visually, we wanted to present the viewer with the image of us that we miss the most: us performing on stage, with nothing to hide behind: instruments, some lights, and beautiful camera movement."

Stream Circle With Me below or in your platform of choice HERE.



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