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STATIC ABYSS release pummeling debut album 'Labyrinth of Veins'

Autopsy's Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert collide for a crushing death metal experience.

static abyss
Cover Artwork by All Things Rotten

The resurgence of Autopsy is certainly something that sent the genre's fandom into great excitement as the band announced that they began putting together their first album since 2014's Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves. However, members Chris Reifert and Greg Wilkinson have stayed active with a variety of projects in their own regard since then, one of which is today's focus, Static Abyss.

This new entity released their debut album, Labyrinth of Veins, today via Peaceville Records, complete with a fitting cover illustration by way of artist All Things Rotten. As the artwork would suggest, Labyrinth is nothing short of turbulent and downright punishing from the get go. Opener Feasting on Eyes batters you in nicely as a beast of alternating pace. As it transitions from upbeat riffage to slow-burning death doom passages from hell, Nothing Left to Rot follows it up and kicks things into high gear with exquisite guitar leads that set a sinister atmosphere. With the multi-faceted Wilkinson handling all engineering, mixing, and mastering at his own Earhammer Studios, Labyrinth of Veins is as pure as it comes. It's crisp and carries great heft within its multiple layers, each of which unfold with every passing minute of chaos. Reifert's drum and vocal performance hit multiple high points throughout the record, but Contort Until Death stands tall as a gem among the multitude of quality offerings. Wilkinson's guitar and bass remains holds the fort down as menacing as it does in Deathgrave and remains ever so versatile within individual tracks, like the expansive Jawbone Ritual.

Labyrinth of Veins is a top-tier death metal record - that simple. It doesn't employ any gimmicks or false claims of innovation amongst an already cemented formula that bridges multiple genre extremes. It simply does what it set out to do quite well and offers a wide depth of sonic history and influence throughout the 10-track structure. The talents of Reifert and Wilkinson are on full display here and eager listeners stand to benefit from this chaotic piece of work.

Stream the title track below and stream/order your copy of the record HERE.


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