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STATIC DRESS sign to Roadrunner Records + announce reissue of 'Rouge Carpet Disaster'

A new face for a new chapter that awaits the brilliance of the ensemble from Leeds.

static dress
Photograph by Olli Appleyard

Following widespread acclaim and supporting slots for some of contemporary metal's most prominent, Static Dress have inked a deal with Roadrunner Records, which comes celebrated by a deluxe reissue of the band's 2022 debut, Rogue Carpet Disaster. The band's exquisite, serene use of melody and clean vocals with blood-curling aggression receives a new layer of support from its initial self-release, now sporting four additional "redux" versions of standouts tracks, Courtney, just relax (featuring World of Pleasure), Attempt 8 (featuring Sophie Meiers), Di-sinTer (Glitter Redux),” and such.a.shame (Smoking lounge Redux). The explosive Courtney, just relax is available now alongside a video by the band's own Olli Appleyard, who captures the visual identity of the track seamlessly. This is a band to keep on your radar for their trajectory is only beginning.

Stream Courtney, Just relax below and pick up your copy of Rogue Carpet Disaster.

static dress, Rouge Carpet Disaster
"Rouge Carpet Disaster Redux" (2023) Cover Artwork


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