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STEEL BEARING HAND announce new album 'Slay In Hell'

Leveling the playing field with a death laden thrash assault.

steel bearing hand
Photograph by Adam Cedillo

What was already a stacked release schedule for April has just gotten all the more exciting with Texas thrashers STEEL BEARING HAND announcing their new full-length, Slay In Hell, set to destroy on April 2nd. Arriving via the always consistent Carbonized Records, Slay In Hell is Texan metal at its best, putting STEEL BEARING HAND among the elite ranks of newcomers Frozen Soul, Creeping Death, Power Trip, and more while harnessing from the genre's past greats. After years of lineup changes and sound experimentation, the quartet have honed their craft and have composed a mighty 6-track soundtrack from hell, one that is riff equipped and raging at every corner. With a twisted cover by VRUGARTHDOOM and a lead single like Command of the Infernal Exarch to show for it, you'd be foolish not to add this to your listening list.

The band comment on the single:

“‘Command Of The Infernal Exarch’ depicts a descent into Hell to become a knight in Lucifer’s force in order to kill God and usurp the throne of Heaven. The process of transformation from Mortal to Demon is described, along with the arsenal at hand and the tactics employed in the war on Heaven, God, all his Earthly servants, and the heavenly host.”

Stream Command of the Infernal Exarch below and pre-order your copy HERE.

steel bearing hand


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