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STEVE VON TILL (NEUROSIS) announces new solo album 'No Wilderness Deep Enough'

Updated: May 7, 2020

Transcendental listening to put your mind at ease.

Photograph by Bobby Cochran

There's no question that the Steve Von Till-fronted NEUROSIS has weaved it's influence around a plethora of releases regardless of where you stand on the heavy spectrum. Whether it's the dynamic song structures or the staggering sludge riffs, the band has left a mark on a generation, speaking to the talents that reside behind each of their releases. However, Von Till's prowess extends beyond that of the renowned metal outfit. Today, the NEUROSIS frontman has announced the arrival of his next solo endeavor, titled No Wilderness Deep Enough.

Arriving August 7th via Neurot Recordings, No Wilderness Deep Enough finds Von Till at his most vulnerable, tapping into the less fortunate moments of life itself. Spread across a boundless six tracks, the record swoons listeners with ethereal soundscapes otherwise known to the likes of NICK CAVE and BRIAN ENO, bridging tragedy with immersive ambience as a means to free the soul.

To coincide with No Wilderness Deep Enough, Von Till will be releasing Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics, a collection of poems and lyrics from across his solo career. Marking the musician's first publication, it serves as an entity of it's own rather than a complement to the music, showcasing Von Till's heartfelt perspectives and masterful lyricism.

Von Till on the conceptual themes behind the record and book:

"It's about personal longings and loss, and the loves and insecurities we all feel combined with meditations on humanity as a whole."

"I'm exploring the great disconnect: from the natural world, from each other, and ultimately from ourselves—trying to find meaning and depth in re-establishing those connections, to find a resonance in purpose and acknowledging the past while looking towards the future and still being in the moment."

Stream the lead single Dream of Trees below and pre-order your copies HERE.

Cover art by Orion Landau
Linocut art by Mazatl


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