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STURLE DAGSLAND shares new single 'Waif'

Paving the way for the Norwegian artist's debut with a maelstrom of mesmerizing sound.


Forced innovation is a practice many artists throughout the spectrum have undergone in hopes of introducing new sonic palettes to a genre otherwise used to a norm. While at times it may serve its purpose, there are other times where it appears incongruent and rather lackluster because it comes off as inorganic. In the case of Norwegian multi-instrumentalist STURLE DAGSLAND, innovation has found its way subconsciously through his recording surroundings, the likes of which remote cabins in the Norwegian mountaintops, abandoned industrial estates in Russia, Soviet Navy ships in Eastern Europe, and a remote lighthouse on a small island in the North Sea.

All of these external influents have found their way into STURLE DAGSLAND's self-titled debut full-length, which arrives on February 5th, 2021. The record is simply a palette of sound, incorporating primal screams and vocal melodies with all kinds of instruments from a guzheng (a Chinese plucked instrument) to a mbira (Zimbabwe finger harp), a custom-made Norwegian billy goat horn, Armenian duduk, autoharp, African kalimba, marxophone (fretless zither). To pave the way towards the record's arrival, STURLE shares his latest single Waif, a transcendental display of avant-rock.

STURLE comments:

“Making music is a flexible multifaceted formula, and the way you cook it, and what ingredients you put in can differ from song to song. We are trying to be in a constant process of creating music, rather than waiting to absorb inspiration from somewhere else, but inspiration may come from anywhere, both from music, nature, dreams, art, life, and the subconscious.”

Stream Waif below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Photograph by Sturle Dagsland


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