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Suffering Quota unleash chaos with 'Life In Disgust'

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Not for the faint of heart.

suffering quota, wokkel, life in disgust, grindcore

Dutch grindcore warriors Suffering Quota unleashed their sophomore record Life In Disgust and it's nothing to take lightly. The band provide a blistering and crushing grindcore sound on this outing, bombarding listeners from start to finish. Fusing elements of crust and death metal, Suffering Quota evolve from their self-titled debut 4 years ago and establish themselves as a band worth keeping an eye on.

Although the band went through a few line-up changes, specifically on bass and vocals, they remain explosive and eclectic, providing an extremely aggressive 12-track composition of fury. Opening track Agnosia commences with a quote from Winston Smith of George Orwell's classic novel 1984, clarifying that this is album is not here to play. It allows no time to rest, consistently in your face and bombarding you with blast beats and death defying screams.


1. Agnosia 2. God Complex 3. Apathy 4. Fear (Of History Repeating) 5. Anger 6. Hate 7. Disgust 8. Cognitive Dissonance 9. Inferiority Complex 10. Thought-Terminating Cliche I 11. Thought-Terminating Cliche II 12. 101

Suffering Quota consists of vocalist Gerald Timmermans, guitarist René Beukers, bassist and vocalist Stiff Marron, and drummer Martin Kah. Jonathan Edwards of Teethgrinder provides vocals on Fear (Of History Repeating).

Stream Life In Disgust in full on Bandcamp and pick up your sweet gatefold vinyl copy via Loner Cult Records, Dawnbreed Records, Mono Canibal Records and 7Degrees Records or cassette through Tartarus Records.

suffering quota, life in disgust, grindcore, wokkel, metal
Cover art by Wokkel


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