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SUMMONING DEATH reveal cover art for new album 'One Step Beyond'

The vividly detailed covers brings one back to the golden age of horror cinema.


Inspired by the mysterious likes of The Twilight Zone television series, Mexico's SUMMONING DEATH come forth to present their John Quevedo Janssens-illustrated album cover, as commissioned for their forthcoming sophomore full-length, One Step Beyond. Arriving on October 31st via Chaos Records, One Step Beyond finds the quintet exploring darker ventures with a rather twisted take on death metal, perfectly complemented by Janssens' ability to harness from the horrors of yesteryear. With trick-or-treating seemingly cancelled by government officials, what better way to celebrate this year's Halloween than with a death metal horror tale.

SUMMONING DEATH comment on the record:

"For 'One Step Beyond' we did not look for a defined sound, we wanted, as in 'The House That Screamed', to be an album that could be enjoyed accompanied by a good beer as you would do with a good horror movie. In this case we looked for inspiration in one of the series that would give rise to one of the most influential series in the world of the unknown as 'Twilight Zone'. We decided to go to the very essence of this and look for its origin, which led us to 'One Step Beyond'. It includes stories that, due to their historical moment and not having so many special effects, tried to convey that mystery to the viewer through history and imagination and not so much from the visual point of view. This is how, based on that feeling, we try to incorporate those same elements into the composition of the music, we remove the labels and simply let the vibes flow to achieve a passage in some moments dark and mysterious, in others aggressive and bestial and in others only emotional and nostalgic.

We believe that in these times of uncertainty and pain, either for ourselves or the people who listen to us, it is sometimes necessary to simply disconnect for a few moments from reality, this album allows you that, it is a journey through the unknown, through the unreal, from the mysterious and the marvelous through stories that will take you One Step Beyond!!"

Check out the cover art below and stay tuned for audio samples in the coming days.

Cover art by John Quevedo Janssens


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