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Surf Curse at the Hollywood Palladium: A Festive Night Out

A communal celebration of new music to close out the band's memorable year.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

Text, Photos by Diana Lungu (@rreedduuxx) at the

Hollywood Palladium on December 17th, 2022:

Last year came and went and though we're looking ahead at the exciting 2023 that awaits, let us not forget how astounding December was in terms of shows, making for the proper send-off to a strong year in music. Among them was the sold-out, Surf Curse tour closer at the Hollywood Palladium that brought the band's new album, Magic Hour, to thrilling heights best experienced on a live stage. The joyous instrumentation was infectious and we were among those lucky to be in the audience.

LA's own Momma, who were also celebrating a new album (Household Name, 2022), opened up the night with an exquisite showing that took us all back to the glory days of 90s alternative. Moving vocal melodies and glistening guitars radiated throughout the Palladium for a prime performance fit for the surf rock crowd. The crowd's enjoyment was evident, as was the band's while they soared through hit after hit of rock bliss.

Momma Photo Gallery:

Crowds shuffled and inched closer to the barricades as the lights dimmed in anticipation for the headlining Surf Curse. Fan favorite All Is Lost from 2017's Nothing Yet then commenced and the Palladium erupted into a frenzy, all cheerfully singing along to the quartet's spectacle.

Led by drummer/vocalist Nick Rattigan and guitarist/vocalist Jacob Rubeck, Surf Curse were energized from the get go, building off the audience's fervent response to the groove laden hymns that include Cathy, Midnight Cowboy, TVI, and Lost Honor to name a few.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

There were no elaborate lighting rigs or expansive stage production elements, just a band and their fans letting the music live through them. More than it being a showcase of Magic Hour, it was a journey through the fast-rising discography of the rock trailblazers. Gems from 2015's Buds debut to 2019's Heaven Surrounds You made a splash and further cemented the band's songwriting capabilities on a pedestal of contemporary genre acts to follow.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

Having sold out the previous night at The Observatory in Santa Ana, it was clear that Southern California was there to show out for Surf Curse, who enlisted Brianna Miller's artistic talents for Palladium-exclusive show poster and shirt to commemorate the occasion. Miller's artwork was but one of the many elements of that night that reflected the passion that was present here, which hit a high mark once Freaks & an encore with Disco were played. With hundreds of smiles galore, Surf Curse put a beautiful end to a riveting night full of dance.

Enjoy a photo gallery of the performance below and stream/order Magic Hour.


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