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SUSPIRAL unleash dizzying dissonance on 'Crown of Chaos'

Hailing from their forthcoming record.

Galician death metal entity SUSPIRAL are set to release their sophomore full-length outing Chasm on May 10, 2019 via Oakland's Sentient Ruin and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a crushing barrage of musical elements. This dissonant barrage, titled Crown of Chaos, hails from the band's new album and offers an evolution in sound from Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence (2016).

Three years from their debut LP and SUSPIRAL have come to demonstrate the destructive capabilities of their cohesive duo. The blackened death metal embodiment that is Chasm has no setbacks, obliterating everything en route with a tumultuous display that merges the best of multiple metal subgenres to annihilate the psyche.

Stream Crown of Chaos below and pre-order your copy of Chasm now via Bandcamp.


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