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SVARTULVEN announce debut album 'Ruins Of Desolation, Transcendence For The Other Side'

Hellenic black metal lives on through the ferocity of the newly formed trio.

Photograph by Stathis Doublecash


Hellenic metal, and Hellenic black metal in particular, hold a special place in the genre's rich and expansive history. From Varathron to Rotting Christ and Necromantia, Greece has given way to a selection of acts that continue to make their stand decades past their inception. Joining the country's aforementioned quality fold is Svartulven, who now announce the arrival of their debut full-length, Ruins Of Desolation, Transcendence For The Other Side.

Arriving on October 10th via The Chalice Productions, Ruins Of Desolation presents itself with the ritualistic art of Adrian Baxter for an experience adorned with historic symbolism. Beyond the arts, Svartulven share lead single The Crystal Scythe of the Old to set the tone for the atmospheric death that awaits. It's here that we become privy to the band's tremolo picked madness and melancholic melody, both of which comprise one blood-curling composition.

Stream The Crystal Scythe of the Old below and stay tuned for pre-orders, which launch on the October 10th release date directly from The Chalice Productions.


adrian baxter
Cover Art by Adrian Baxter


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