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TAR PIT stream new album 'Tomb of Doom'

Re-released on a new label.

Ordo MCM has added a massive slab of doom to their arsenal as TAR PIT's initially self-released debut Tomb of Doom makes it's way for a physical release on June 28th, 2019. The Oregon-based unit was largely inactive since first forming in 2014 but came back together after several lineup changes and put together one earth shattering release inspired by the likes of BLACK SABBATH and PENTAGRAM.

Before getting picked up by Ordo MCM for a physical release, Tomb of Doom was initially self-released digitally in 2017. With elements of sludge and grunge weaved throughout this proto-doom outing, Tomb of Doom proves to be a worthy listen for those who enjoy the fuzz.

Stream Tomb of Doom in it's entirety here via Ordo MCM's Bandcamp.


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