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TCHORNOBOG announce Split-LP with ABYSSAL + share trailer

As mentally perplexing as the Burkean cover it sports.

Tchornobog Photograph by Lillian Liu

On November 25th, Tchornobog and British musical counterpart Abyssal will come together for a grandiose split LP that brings multi-faceted sound to new heights. Each entity has established itself as a compositional powerhouse from the underground, and now, they'll both contribute a single track spanning approximately 24 minutes each for a truly comprehensive listen. Led Adam Burke's artistry welcome you into the mind melting affair that Tchornobog and Abyssal have carefully crafted here.

Tchornobog mastermind Markov Soroka comments:

"In this chapter of 24 minutes inside Tchornobog's maw communicating with the human body, you will find one of the most ambitious collaborations I've been a part of. I worked with an outstanding team of musicians and producers from all over the world to bring a deeply personal material alive within the black and death metal sound. Alongside Abyssal, a few talented Icelanders, and longtime collaborators, 'The Vomiting Choir' also features recorded samples of many willing individuals purging and vomiting, which were sent to us to make 'The Vomiting Choir' an aural reality. My goal in this, the longest Tchornobog song to date, was to make a thorough journey into the human body through an abstract lens and telekinetic speech guided by the Tchornobog. Whenever I work on something as dark sounding as this, my natural instinct is to add a significant amount of optimism and awareness to balance the moods, and whether or not I achieved this, or have the audio match any of the above descriptions is ultimately up to you, the listener. Fall into the new chapter of this universe and let your senses take over. Thank you so much to everyone listening!"

Check out the teaser trailer below and pre-order the record HERE.

Cover Artwork by Adam Burke


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