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TEETH introduce deathgrind extremity on "The Curse of Entropy"

An explosive collision of subgenres.

Photograph by Brandon Mavaddat

Like Denver and the PNW, Los Angeles is experiencing a death metal renaissance as of late with quality releases coming out the woodworks on a frequent basis. TEETH are the latest to hail from the City of Angels with a blistering new outing. This sophomore outing, aptly titled The Curse of Entropy, is set to arrive on November 29th via Translation Loss Records.

Spanning across ten tracks, The Curse of Entropy is the culmination of the band's five year existence. Seamlessly merging elements of death metal, grind, doom, and sludge, TEETH rattle the senses with a pairing of full frontal sonics and lyrics that focus on life's downfalls. The band's relentless aggression was enough to capture the ears of the mighty Luc Lemay of GORGUTS fame, who features on the second track Husk.

Frontman Erol Ulug on having Luc Lemay on the record:

"A truly stand-out moment of the recording process would be when we reached out to Luc Lemay from Gorguts to do a guest vocal which appears on track two, 'Husk. We had a few ideas for guest vocalists but he was definitely our first choice, and when he responded saying he was down we lost it. He's the only guest on the record - it didn't seem necessary to have anyone else when the dissonant death metal master himself is already on it. When we got the tracks from him and heard what he did we were blown away, he killed it and we're honored to have him on the record!"

Stream the lead single Cretin below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Carlos Agraz


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