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TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM ready dissonant new record "Anorexia Obscura"

The Italians are back with more harrowing black metal.

In the decade that TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM spent inactive, some impactful occurrences must have taken place because what the duo have prepared on their forthcoming record Anorexia Obscura is the stuff of nightmares. Their fourth full-length will see the light on August 30th via Debemur Morti Productions.

Multi-instrumentalist Atratus dives into his own personal hell and the results are menacingly great (for us at least). This is a release meant for those who like their black metal dissonant, frozen, and fast as fuck, with Dissonanze Mentali being a testament to said statement. The well detailed cover art by Cold Poison is an apt depiction of the mental insanity that ensues from the moment you first engage with Anorexia Obscura, proving that TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM have yet to lose a step.

Stream Dissonanze Mentali below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Cold Poison


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