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TERMINAL NATION announce new album 'Holocene Extinction'

A Burkean work of revolutionary nature.

Photograph by Kurt Lunsford

Seeing as the illustrious work Adam Burke has found itself on release aplenty this year, last year, and really the last several years, we've gone ahead and coined the Burkean term among our ranks to describe records with an organic atmosphere as cover art. This is in no way related to Edmund Burke's political ideologies, rather the complete opposite for TERMINAL NATION stand firm against the institution of injustice with their latest Burkean record. The band's newly announced album Holocene Extinction arrives on August 7th via 20 Buck Spin, weaponizing a maelstrom of death metal, hardcore, and powerviolence against societal adversities. This is XIBALBA and CREEPING DEATH-level heat, coming right at your neck from the start.

Stream the title track below and stay tuned for pre-order information.

Cover art by Adam Burke


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