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The best album covers of March 2021

An eclectic mix of artistic heavy hitters and new faces to our monthly column.

From Marald van Haasteren's wondrous gold portrait for Dvne's Etemen Ænka to Therealtheory's multidimensional piece for Writhing Squares, this month's collection is nothing short of elite. Eliran Kantor and Dan Seagrave make their return to the column with fascinating new cover paintings, one that captures the duality of good and evil for Demon Hunter and one that immerses audiences into an apocalyptic battlefield for Memoriam. Wymrwalk excels in his own right by painting a vibrant face to the Bolt Thrower-laden death of Celestial Sanctuary while Christian Sloan Hall embodies the glory of battle for The Crown's Royal Destroyer.

As you'll start to see, we'll be posting the full gatefold paintings for records that happen to have them. The geometric proportions of an album cover may sometimes restrict a viewer's access to the full scope of the work, especially if streaming is your method of choice. Though some artists make it a point to share the entire painting on their pages, it doesn't happen as often and so, vinyl remains the only away for listeners to get the full experience. Don't even get us started on the inner artwork, liner notes, and art booklets. However, we'll be having those full cover paintings for all to enjoy right here. With these full paintings included, there's much to love, so go on ahead and scroll through the varied collection.

Here are the best album covers of March 2021:


DEMON HUNTER - Songs of Death and Resurrection (Eliran Kantor) | Listen

DVNE - Etemen Ænka (Marald Van Haasteren) | Listen

THE CROWN - Royal Destroyer (Christian Sloan Hall) | Listen

MEMORIAM - To The End (Dan Seagrave) | Listen

CELESTIAL SANCTUARY - Soul Diminished (Wyrmwalk) | Listen

REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER - Crime And Punishment (Mark McCoy) | Listen

DJ MUGGS THE BLACK GOAT - Dies Occidendum (Ayis Lertas) | Listen

MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY - Biolume Part 2 - The Golden Orb (Elijah Tamu) | Listen

WRITHING SQUARES - Chart For The Solution (Therealtheory) | Listen

NINE TREASURES - Awakening From Dukkha (Heesco Khosnaran) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting artists responsible for enriching our lives with their creativity. We remain sane because of it. Stay tuned to Heaviest of Art on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for your art and music needs throughout the day.

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Unknown member
Apr 14, 2021

Great list! Just found out about this page and I'll be checking in monthly to see what you guys put here :)

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