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The best metal album covers of April 2019

Just when you think March was good.

Perhaps the spring season is to blame, but this month's top album covers make use of atmosphere particularly well, fully grasping audiences with vivid landscapes and sense of wonder. The music that lies within embodies these settings in more ways than one, encapsulating various artistic elements through beautiful yet aggressive musical means.

Here are our choices for the best metal album covers of April 2019:


SUNN O))) - Life Metal (Samantha Keely Smith) | Listen

DEAD TO A DYING WORLD - Elegy (Samantha Muljat) | Listen

MIZMOR - Yodh: Live at Roadburn 2018 (Zdzisław Beksiński) | Listen

SABBATH ASSEMBLY - A Letter Of Red (Alex Reisfar) | Listen

KETZER - Cloud Collider (Adam Burke) | Listen

TELEPORT - The Expansion (Fernando JFL) | Listen

L'ACEPHALE - L'Acéphale (Markus Wolff) | Listen

LATITUDES - Part Island (Dehn Sora) | Listen

SCYTHIAN FATE - Matrimony in Madness (Ed Sleiman) | Listen

HATH - Of Rot and Ruin (Adam Burke) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting bands and the artists responsible for creating the works that front some of our favorite records. Lots of new art features to come in the foreseeable future.

Stay tuned to Heaviest of Art on Twitter and Instagram for killer art throughout the day.


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