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The best metal album covers of June 2020

A pinnacle in heavy artistry at the midpoint of a demented year.

If you read through our Behind the Cover features for PYRRHON's Abscess Time or CURRENTS' The Way It Ends, you'd agree that June was quite the month for records and art alike. Adam Burke further positioned himself as the Dan Seagrave of modern day with yet another profound illustration for the deathcore trailblazers while Caroline Harrison matched the vivid intricacies of Abscess Time with a cover that challenged the binding chains of dark art. Both of these speak to the talent within our communities today, a talent that continues to enrich the lives of many as the months remain unsteady.

Burke and Harrison aside, June was also home to the wondrous works of Marald Van Haasteren, Shoggoth Kinetics, CRYPT SERMON's own Brooks Wilson, and more for one of this year's best months in metal. Scroll down slowly and get lost within Alex Eckman-Lawn's signature layers or Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal's occult mastery, both of which introduce fantastic records by way of WITCHING and Iceland's NEXION respectively.

Here are the best metal album covers of June 2020:


PYRRHON - Abscess Time (Caroline Harrison) | Listen

-16- Dream Squasher (Marald van Haasteren) | Listen

WITCHING - Vernal (Alex Eckman-Lawn) | Listen

EYE OF NIX - Ligeia (Anima Nocturna) | Listen

NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM - Éons (Kaneko Tomiyuki) | Listen

NEXION - Seven Oracles (Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal) | Listen

INEXORUM - Moonlit Navigation (Brooks Wilson) | Listen

CURRENTS - The Way It Ends (Adam Burke) | Listen

QUESTION - Reflections of the Void (Shoggoth Kinetics) | Listen

VAMPIRE - Rex (Mitchell Nolte) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting bands and the artists responsible for enriching our lives with their creativity. We remain sane because of it.

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