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The best metal album covers of May 2020

Genre greats meet trailblazing newcomers for one stimulation visual collection.

As we enter the halfway point of such a turbulent year, we've composed yet another tantalizing collection of artistic endeavors for you to dive into.

Atmosphere is the name of the game for last month's album covers with color use and scope so profound it transports listeners to settings that fit the musical experience one is about to embark on. Let Nick Keller guide you through ancient Mesopotamian lands as DEVANGELIC towers over you with a pummeling death metal affair while Dan Seagrave's burning landscapes are met with XIBALBA's unbridled madness. If you're looking to escape the madness of Earth, Nox Fragor and Mark Erskine have you covered with sights to behold, ridding you of your worries with atmospheric black metal and cosmic death metal. Artem Demura and Rob Walden level the otherwise intense playing field with art that embodies the despair and suffering present within their works, touching hearts and leaving much to think about. No matter what you preference is, there's plenty to revisit and explore. Let loose and enjoy.

Here are the best metal album covers of May 2020:


SICKLE OF DUST - To The Shores of Sunrise (Artem Demura) | Listen

XIBALBA - Años en Infierno (Dan Seagrave) | Listen

COSMIC PUTREFACTION - The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers (Nox Fragor Art) | Listen

...AND OCEANS - Cosmic World Mother (Adrien Bousson) | Listen

VADER - Solitude In Madness (Wes Benscoter) | Listen

DAN SUGARMAN - Inside/Out | Part I (Rob Walden) | Listen

SODOMISERY - The Great Demise (Khaos Diktator) | Listen

UNREQVITED - Empathica (Mark Erskine) | Listen

SECRETS OF THE MOON - Black House (Dehn Sora & Metastazis) | Listen

DEVANGELIC - Ersetu (Nick Keller) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting bands and the artists responsible for enriching our lives with their creativity. We remain sane because of it.

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