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The best metal album covers of October 2019

Malicious artistry for your viewing pleasure.

Beautiful is when artists present new and unique takes on widely known works across history. Though Girardi's gruesome interpretation of the nativity scene may not be what you deem as beautiful, it turns the script upside down and presents a message through a new lens, fulfilling PROFANATICA's sadistic desires. Beautiful right? You also have Jordan Barlow, who visualized a spiritual war between Aleister Crowley and the demonic entity known as Choronzon on the cover of 1349's new opus The Infernal Pathway. These two works of art are but some of the many offerings that this tenth month brought to us all. Despite the many options, there are few that shine above the rest and we've highlighted those for your viewing (and listening) enjoyment.

Here are our choices for the best metal album covers of October 2019:


PROFANATICA - Rotting Incarnation of God (Paolo Girardi) | Listen

1349 - The Infernal Pathway (Jordan Barlow) | Listen

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY - The Sea of Tragic Beasts (Adam Burke) | Listen

RUNEMAGICK - Into Desolate Realms (Paolo Girardi) | Listen

TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA - Marquis of Evil (Mark Riddick) | Listen

KOSMOKRATOR - Through Ruin...Behold (Timo Ketola) | Listen

ESOGENESI - Esogenesi (Korvo) | Listen

UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN - Teufelsbücher (Rodrigo Pereira) | Listen

THE LONE MADMAN - Let The Night Come (Timo Ketola) | Listen

VASTUM - Orificial Purge (Laina Terpstra) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting bands and the artists responsible for creating the works that front some of our favorite records. Great new art features are in the works for the near future.

Stay tuned to Heaviest of Art on Twitter and Instagram for killer art throughout the day.


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