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The best metal album covers of September 2019

Artistic creativity matched by the very music it represents.

As we move into the last quarter of the year, labels are piling on the heat and making the metal interwebs doubt their tentative year end lists week after week. With great music comes great art and the artistry present on many of these compositions is among the best of the year thus far with Caroline Harrison's vibrant gouache painting on WEEPING SORE's False Confession and Zbigniew M. Bielak's intricate work on Mgła's Age of Excuse being perfect examples. The cover paintings are worth purchasing alone, but the music embodied within is of similar quality, that being elite.

Here are the best metal album covers of September 2019:


PATRONYMICON - Ushered Forth by Cloven Tongue (Chadwick St. John) | Listen

NETHERBIRD - Into The Vast Uncharted (August Malmström (1828-1901)) | Listen

WEEPING SORES - False Confession (Caroline Harrison) | Listen

HAUNTER - Sacramental Death Qualia (Elijah Tamu) | Listen

MIZMOR - Cairn (Mariusz Lewandowski) | Listen

FOSCOR - Els Sepulcres Blancs (Deborah Sheedy) | Listen

Mgła - Age of Excuse (Zbigniew M. Bielak) | Listen

CREEPING DEATH - Wretched Illusions (Adam Burke) | Listen

COGNIZANCE - Malignant Dominion (Jef Whitehead) | Listen

DARKEND - Spiritual Resonance (Animæ) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting bands and the artists responsible for creating the works that front some of our favorite records. Great new art features are in the works for the near future.

Stay tuned to Heaviest of Art on Twitter and Instagram for killer art throughout the day.


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