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THE RUINS OF BEVERAST prepare for the arrival of 'The Thule Grimoires'

A year-end contender fast approaches from the German ensemble.


After five full-length outings and a variety of split releases, THE RUINS OF BEVERAST are ready to go for their next grandiose chapter, The Thule Grimoires. Arriving on February 5th via Ván Records, The Thule Grimoires follows 2017's Exuvia with excellence, upping the ante in experimentation and delivering on the atmospheric extremity. Quite frankly, this is THE RUINS OF BEVERAST at their best, a feat not easily achieved given the high bar the band have already set for themselves with previous offerings. With two lead singles that put their ambient-laden death doom on a pedestal, you best jump on the hype train before it takes off come February.

Stream Anchoress In Furs and Kromlec'h Knell below and pre-order your copy HERE.



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