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THE SILVER (Crypt Sermon, Horrendous) announce debut album 'Ward of Roses' + share lead single

Two worlds collide and form one harrowing being.

Photograph by Scott Kinkade

With a lineup consisting of Matt and Jamie Knox of Horrendous, Enrique Sagarnaga of Crypt Sermon, and Nick Duchemin, you can say that The Silver is somewhat of a force full of boundless talent. The band mark their formation with their newly announced album, Ward Of Roses, to be released on October 15th via Gilead Media with an elegant Paul Romano cover to embrace. Even though it stems from some of the best death and doom metal bands in the underground, The Silver is a completely new being that strays from any genre confines to realize a full creative expression. Lead single Fallow arrived alongside the announcement to showcase the maelstrom of influences present here, which range from black and death metal to goth rock and doom. The mixture of clean vocals and piercing screams become one with the rumbling bass tones and electrifying guitar performances that are present here, carried with strength by an explosive drum outing.

Matt Knox comments on the formation of the band:

“About three years ago, Enrique reached out with the goal of starting a metal band where we weren’t hiding behind the typical metal tropes. We wanted to do something rooted in black metal sounds without being a black metal band—and with more vulnerable lyrics. We collectively wanted to find the magic in regular human experience, both horrific and sublime. Every song on the record is about one of those experiences.”

He adds:

“We took a lot of risks on this record, and we let it organically grow into itself rather than forcing it into any creative boxes. I felt like I was physically unlocking parts of myself through singing this way. That coincided with other realizations, and everything fell into place. The Silver is a new voice for me. It’s a new voice for all of us.”

Stream Fallow below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover Art by Paul Romano


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