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The Soft Moon in Los Angeles: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Multi-instrumentalist Luis Vasquez brings his eclectic songcraft to the City of Angels for an electrifying performance joined by Nuovo Testamento.

Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Text, Photos by Joshua Alvarez (@joshua.jam3s) at The Regent on

Friday, November 25th, 2022:

Fresh off the heels of the release of new album Exister (Sacred Bones Records), The Soft Moon took the album's wondrous sonic tapestry across North American stages. On Black Friday, it hit The Regent in Los Angeles and mastermind Luis Vasquez brought forth a hard-hitting performance that took everyone in attendance on a trip down memory lane with an aggressive, synth-laden 80’s sound that turned the pit into a dance floor for the next half hour. The Soft Moon elevated the energy from the get go with a seamless blend of industrial and post-punk, transporting us all into a cyber punk world of non-stop rain, neon lights, and synthwave narration.

Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Vivid strobe lights and an expansive sonic array created a sensory overload that was both familiar yet unique. Exister was placed on a pedestal throughout the night as it expanded with new layers in the live setting, speaking highly of the songwriting prowess of Vasquez. He became vulnerable to the artistry and lyricism, and left his all on stage. It was nothing short of exquisite and those in attendance were treated to a standout display that signals the growth of an underground gem.

Enjoy a photo gallery of the performance below and stream/order Exister today.


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