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THE SOFT MOON shares Bryan M. Ferguson-directed video for new track 'Monster'

The latest from the multi-instrumentalist's upcoming gem is a striking act of reflection.

the soft moon
Photograph by Andrea Rigano

“The whole point of this record was to share every emotion that I feel. No two songs are the same. It’s about existing in the world as a human being and experiencing many emotions and experiences throughout life.”

With the above quote by The Soft Moon mastermind Luis Vasquez to serve as an entry point, audiences now have context to the cathartic experience that is Exister, which arrives on September 23rd via Sacred Bones Records. Today's release of haunting new single Monster paints a vivid picture of the mindset that Vasquez finds himself in, resulting in a musical byproduct that straddles multiple genre lines and conventions. Beyond it being a powerful offering, Monster comes accompanied by a Bryan M. Ferguson video that brings the pain to life.

Ferguson comments on the video:

"The song to me evokes a real sense of underlining ache. I knew immediately that the video should be a metamorphosis, a person's body transforming into something hideous. It's definitely a literal visual interpretation of what the song is about but I really wanted the transformation from one physical shape to the other to be slow, painful and almost organic."

He adds:

"Everything in the video is done practically and in-camera (absolutely no post-production VFX were added later), all of the stages of the transformation are achieved using prosthetics and all the light leaks in the camera where achieved in-camera with unusual methods such as shining a small torch directly into a broken camera lens, manipulating a split diopter to give a ghostly otherworldly movement to the images and even using my own glasses to move across the lens which warped the images. The four of us (myself, my DP, the actor and my SFX makeup artist) shot the video over 12 hours inside a walled off concrete room in my flat that used to be someone's garage. I stripped down to nothing and lay down a green tinged shag carpet which proved to be an interesting contrast to the industrial room. My DP and I also ended up going out and cutting numerous branches down from nearby trees so we could move our lights by hand through the tree branches/leaves to cast strange shadows across the performer's skin as he contorted which gives the illusion that their body is moving around unusually from the inside.”

Experience Monster below and pre-order the record HERE.


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