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THE SOFT MOON shares expressive video for new single 'Become The Lies'

Another moving taste from the multi-instrumentalist's forthcoming outing.

the soft moon
Photograph by Matteo Nazzari

Sacred Bones Records is among the most eclectic labels of today and Luis Vasquez couldn't be more at home with The Soft Moon moniker being a conduit for forward thinking hymns. The musician's new album, Exister, arrives on September 23rd and today sees the release of Become The Lies, the likes of which harnesses from his vulnerability to deliver a vibrant dark wave track that is both infectious and reflective.

Vasquez comments:

“I had an identity crisis after discovering dark secrets about my family's past. This happened while I was writing the album and it destroyed me. ‘Become The Lies’ expresses how everything I thought I knew about my life was untrue. Lies, shame and guilt have been a recurring theme in my music. I explored it in Criminal, but during the writing process of Exister I became more self-aware and finally understood that I was never the liar in the story. I wanted to dance in the video to contrast with the lack of control I felt over my life in that moment. It’s my way of shaking off the bad stuff. It’s also an escape from the seriousness of this song.”

Check out Become The Lies below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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