The top 30 albums of 2021

The year delivered on the arts, but let's see how the music fared in comparison.

Artwork by Visual Amnesia

If you've read through our stacked "The Top 30 Album Covers of 2021" list, you'd have seen one of the three stages of this year's Heaviest of Art year-end commission, Thy Art Is Heavy, courtesy of Reuben Bhattacharya (Visual Amnesia). This conceptual triptych details the psychosocial elements that play into an artistic creation, whether that be directly or subconsciously, as a critical component of what we as an audience see on a daily basis. These recent months and couple of years have been trying times on a global scale, yielding art forms reflective of one's inner turmoil, hopeful outlook, or downright frustration with the powers that be. Regardless of the purpose, the arts have kept us sane (for the most part) through this historic period, as today's selections can attest.

What made this 2021 so special for music were the records that changed lives, changed perspectives, and changed interests altogether. Musicians are insular and yet their message is universal, accessible to all as a means of coping with one's own circumstances. Some introduced new ideas while others stuck to a formula and refined it to a great acclaim. They all serve a different purpose and whatever that may be, the choices we've made here can be confidently championed as all-encompassing efforts rooted in talent, honesty, and genuine camaraderie. What we have for you today is an effort of much contemplation, but a satisfying one at that.

Here are the top 30 albums of 2021:

30. Green Lung - Black Harvest (Svart Records) | Listen

Cover Artwork by Richard Wells

29. Silver Talon - Decadence and Decay (M-Theory Audio) | Listen

Cover Artwork by Gerald Brom

28. Volumes - Happier? (Fearless Records) | Listen

'Happier?' (2021)