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THECODONTION announce new album 'Supercontinent'

Death metal of the prehistoric kind with a Thanneur touch.


Middle school earth science classes have all taught or made brief reference of the Pangaea, the colossal supercontinent of the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras of our planet. In June, we revisit those middle school days through a blackened death metal lens provided by Supercontinent, the debut record by Italy's THECODONTION. Supercontinent, which is set to release on June 26th via I-Voidhanger Records, strays from genre norms to explore a voyage through Earth's phases of continental drift.

Sprawling across a solid 45-minutes, Supercontinent finds the band utilizing their aggressive and unconventional song structures to tell a story of life's various geological eras. Between the death metal hymns on the record are instrumental poems about the oceans that surrounded Earth's supercontinents, rounding up a masterclass of riffs and education. Lead single Kenorland does right by Supercontinent in introducing audiences to the world that awaits.

Stream Kenorland below and pre-order your copy of this jurassic beast HERE.



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