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THEON CROSS shares resounding new single 'Wings'

The musician establishes his own sonic plane through a boundless tuba display.

Photograph by Ian Hippolyte

Masterful musicianship for the sake of being masterful yields forced and often disjointed results that translate poorly. On the other hand, Theon Cross allows for his pedigree and intentionality to shine organically, allowing for elements to flourish and coalesce seamlessly for one awe-inspiring listening experience. That is the case for his latest single, Wings, which treads down a heavy, bass-laden path that is both menacing and soulful. Compositionally speaking, Wings is a well-layered gem unfolding with new details after each passing listen, the likes of which expand even more via the live setting.

Cross comments:

Conceptually, the song speaks of the metaphorical wings needed to take flight and embrace new changes and directions in life,” notes Cross. “It captures a feeling of freedom and symbolizes a sense of progressive movement which feels significant as I move into a new chapter in my career.”


Oct 13 London, UK - Church Of Sound (w/ Bex Burch & Leafcutter John)

Oct 20 Chicago,IL - Sleeping Village | Tickets

Oct 22 Brooklyn, NY - BRIC Jazzfest | Tickets

Oct 23 San Francisco, CA - The Independent | Tickets*

Oct 25 Seattle, WA - Earshot Jazz Fest | Tickets*

Oct 26 Portland, OR - Jack London Revue | Tickets

Oct 29 Phoenix, AZ - MIM | Tickets*

Oct 30 Los Angeles, CA - The Lodge Room | Tickets - early show*

*notes dates supporting Makaya McCraven

Experience Wings below and head HERE to get a glimpse of his wondrous live show.


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