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TIMES OF GRACE share heartfelt video for 'Medusa'

Inching closer to their sophomore full-length with visuals that capture the record's depth.

Photograph by Hristo Shindov

Gracefully adorned by the art of John McCormack, the latest TIMES OF GRACE record, Songs of Loss and Separation, is an act of cascading emotions. Arriving on July 16 via the band's own imprint label Wicked Good Records, Songs of Loss and Separation comes a decade after the trio's debut outing and follows it up with profound craftsmanship. Today, the band share the second single, Medusa, along with a wondrous visual companion directed by Nick Hipa that defines heavy in more than just sonic form.

Frontman Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) comments:

"'Medusa' is about betrayal, abuse, and deceit. It's a story about the dark side of the soul and the struggle to tear away from those who feed off of your heart. When faced with these types of people and situations, there is a battle to not allow it to destroy a part of your soul and change you. This song is a testimony of that internal warfare of killing of the beast and taming the demons that remain in the aftermath. It's about finding a way to keep your heart and your spirit alive after being broken and beaten down."

Stream Medusa below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by John McCormack


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