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Torena: A Hardcore Driving Force To Keep Eyes On

Oxnard's own set the stage with a hard-hitting EP and a venue leveling performance amidst an enthusiastic, sold-out crowd at The Roxy.

torena, daze records, hardcore
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

On March 14th, the always consistent DAZE saw the release of another strong contender in an already flooded hardcore arena, that being Torena's Evil Eyez EP. Like the ravaging cover artwork it sports, Evil Eyez leaves little breathing room throughout its runtime, pummeling you in with vibrant aggression. There are no gimmicks, no attempts to incorporate unorthodox elements to force an unnatural sound, but instead a true metallic hardcore effort that rips right into you with razor sharp riffs and a compositional bravado to boast.

Evil Eyez came about from heartfelt camaraderie amongst members of a buzzing Ventura County scene, and it plays like so. Tracks like Stand Your Ground and Slave No More command with moving breakdowns meant for the live setting, as reflected during the band's opening performance for genre greats Trash Talk late last week at the legendary The Roxy on the Sunset Strip.

torena, hardcore, daze
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Themes of common suffering with mental health and more provide a united front for frontman Julien Urias to build on. The thrill of being at The Roxy during this moment was invigorating as Evil Eyez sunk its teeth into a keen audience. A shirtless Mika Ryan on the bass and expressive guitarist Dante Denom excelled on their end, bringing the rip roaring Bleed to life with pulsing energy carried by drummer David Stalsworth.

torena, torena hardcore
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Though relatively brief as an opener, Torena's performance made up for its length in quality as a band experienced enough in performing alongside their contemporary standouts in Knocked Loose and Sunami. Three years, one album (Cerebellum Prison, 2021), and one EP in, Torena are on a fast track to high acclaim, and rightfully so, for what the band invest in their craft is a joy ride of a listen. Hardcore's future is here and with bands like Torena carrying the torch, the scene has gold in abundance.

Evil Eyez is available now via DAZE (Stream).

torena, torena evil eyez
"Evil Eyez" (2023) Cover Artwork

Torena at The Roxy (Photos)


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