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Torena share hard-hitting new single 'False Compassion'

Expect to hear it at this weekend's Sound & Fury Festival.

torena, hardcore, new hardcore music.
Photograph by Kiabad Meza

Oxnard's Torena are among the trailblazing few in the flooded harcore underground and today, the band share a ripping new single, False Compassion, to prime audiences for what's expected to be a massive showing at this year's Sound & Fury Festival in Los Angeles. The track follows 2023’s Evil Eyez EP and 2021’s Cerebellum Prison LP with an absolute juggernaut in a compact listen. Short, sweet, and to the point, Torena waste no time in bringing the pain with False Compassion.

The band comment:

“The single ‘False Compassion’ is about the people who claim to be there for you and have your back in tough times, when in reality they don't follow through with that; they just have you around for things that you provide to the relationship for personal gain.

It's exciting to be releasing new music, we've been riding out the EP over a year and I'm glad to be able to show off what we've written. I believe it's a great first look at what we've been working on since Evil Eyez; a more raw sound.”

Stream False Compassion now in your platform of choice.

torena, hardcore.
"False Compassion" (2024) Single Artwork


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