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TRANSCENDENCE announce debut LP 'Towards Obscurities Beyond'

A Burkean depiction of hell to represent the band's take on death metal.


After seven years of EPs, demos, and stylistic changes, LA's TRANSCENDENCE are set to make their stand with Towards Obscurities Beyond. This debut record, which comes to us by way of Blood Harvest Records on September 25th, is an uncompromising statement of dynamic death metal intent. Though deadly at heart, it harnesses DISSECTION and NECROPHOBIC-like melodies to add a tasteful layering of sound to an otherwise gruesome listening experience. Lead single Infernal Resurrection is available now to pave the way towards the hellfire that awaits with Towards Obscurities Beyond.

Stream Infernal Resurrection below and pre-order your copy HERE via Blood Harvest,

Cover art by Adam Burke


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