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TRIBULATION announce new EP 'Hamartia' + share lead single

The Swedish outfit signal their next creative step with a strong array of offerings.

Photograph by Dirk Behlau

On April 7th, Tribulation will usher in the start of a new era with Hamartia via Century Media, the likes of which comes properly introduced by the lesson in guitar melody that is Axis Mundi. New guitarist Joseph Tholl replaced the departing Jonathan Hultén and delivers big alongside Adam Zaars, letting an electrifying solo and groove-driven riffs fly from beginning to end. The EP comes dressed in artwork by the band's own Zaars.

Guitarist Adam Zaars comments:

"'Axis Mundi' sees Tribulation entering The Machine Age through the lens of dystopian fiction in a journey to the centre of the world, and beyond. Being the first composition by Joseph Tholl (guitars), it offers the listener and the viewer a new set of flavours and hues to the palate, and from the palette that constitutes the egregore that is Tribulation. A new year calls for a fresh start, so please consider making this a part of the soundtrack to yours."

Zaars continues:

"The plan going forward is that Joseph and I will split the writing duties, just as me and Jonathan did before. The other difference this time is that we did work a bit closer with each other on these songs. On the last couple of albums, we've basically written our material separately. This time, even though Joseph wrote 'Axis Mundi' and I wrote the other two songs, I still went to Stockholm every other weekend for the entire Spring leading up to the recording, and we sat together and tried different things out. We've worked closer this time than we've done at least since 'The Children of The Night'. Comparing it to the last album, I'd say the new songs are a bit more cynical, harsher in a way."

Stream Axis Mundi below and pre-order Hamartia.

Cover Artwork by Adam Zaars


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