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TURNSTILE announce new album 'Glow On' + share new single

As if 2021 couldn't get any better for the hardcore unit.

Photograph by Jose Rojas

Late last month, TURNSTILE gave way to their hard-hitting EP, Turnstile Love Connection, by taking it to theaters across the country with an accompanying Brendan Yates-directed short film. A few weeks later and we arrive to the announcement of Glow On, a marvelous new full-length that further proves that there are no limits to the TURNSTILE craft. Arriving on August 27th via Roadrunner Records, Glow On comes adorned by a soft pink cover of clouds that resemble the same soothing sentiment present on lead single Alien Love Call, which features the serenity of Blood Orange. Following the band's mantra of having all of their music be dance music, Alien Love Call takes a much tamer approach that instills a need to sway your body back and forth to the groove. The standard was set high with TIME & SPACE (2018) but TURNSTILE are on track to explore new ground for hardcore.

Stream Alien Love Call below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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