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Ulcerate announce new album 'Cutting the Throat of God' + share lead single

The follow-up to the masterful "Stare Into Death And Be Still" (2020) is on its way.

ulcerate new album, death metal.
Photograph Courtesy of Ulcerate

On June 14th, New Zealand's Ulcerate will release their new album, Cutting the Throat of God, via Debemur Morti Productions — a highly anticipated effort that looks to expand upon an already staggering discography to strive for. The haunting The Dawn Is Hollow leads the affair and introduces the expansive composition that guitarist Michael Hoggard, drummer Jamie Saint Merat, and bassist/vocalist Paul Kelland have crafted meticulously. It's a slow burning number that builds on a grand use of tone and atmosphere, inviting listeners to multiple sit throughs.

Stream The Dawn Is Hollow below and pre-order the new album via Debemur Morti.

ulcerate new album, death metal.
Cover Artwork by Jamie Saint Merat


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