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ULCERATE share new single 'Dissolved Orders'

An album closer sprawling with intricate grooves, riffs, and elite musical prowess.


Jamie Saint Merat is a name you've probably come across throughout the years, but one you should definitely cement in your mind. Saint Merat is responsible for the tantalizing visuals behind ULCERATE's new album Stare Into Death And Be Still while serving as the mastermind behind the god-like drumwork present throughout it all. The web-designer/drummer could very well be considered the Danny Carey of death metal given the dynamic drum structures he layers alongside Paul Kelland's roars and Michael Hoggard's razor sharp fret work. Needless to say, New Zealand's ULCERATE is a juggernaut. Stare Into Death And Be Still arrives on April 24th via Debemur Morti Productions and the band have shared the harrowing album closer Dissolved Orders with us all today.

Stream Dissolved Orders below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Saint Merat

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