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ULTRA SILVAM announce new album 'The Spearwound Salvation,' stream first single

Another gem from the shadows.

It seems to be a daily occurrence that Shadow Records picks up another excellent addition to their label. Today, they've announced the March 22nd release date for ULTRA SILVAM's debut record The Spearwound Salvation, which is expected to be monstrous.

The Malmö, Sweden-based power-trio do right by Swedish black metal predecessors and properly honor the homeland's affinity for unapologetic music. The Spearwound Salvation is the proper follow up to the band's raw self-titled demo (2017). The melodic aggression set forth by The Spearwound Salvation is urgent and emotional, making for an exhilarating listening experience.

Tracklisting for The Spearwound Salvation: 1. The Spearwound Salvation 2. Ödesalens Uppenbarelse 3. Birth of a Mountain 4. Färintelsens Andeväsen 5. Wings of Burial 6. A Skull Full of Stars 7. The First Wound

Stream Birth of a Mountain below and pre-order your copy of this occult black metal gem via Bandcamp.


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