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ULVER present the hypnotizing new track 'Russian Doll'

Setting the stage for the next album to come.

Photography by Ingrid Aas

To lay the path for the new album in the works for later this year, Norway's renowned ULVER have released their new single Russian Doll via House of Mythology. With goth-rock and dream-pop elements intertwined, Russian Doll makes it easy to dance through despair and proves that ULVER's musical prowess extends far beyond the realms of black metal.

ULVER's Kristoffer Rygg comments of the single:

"Although this is pop music in our heads, the images and connotations in the lyrics are probably far away from what one usually associates with this genre. It actually began with some images and memories from the movie Lilja 4 ever by Lukas Moodysson; a dark and disillusioning film about human trafficking in the Baltic."

He adds:

"'Russian Doll' refers to the babushka, we began to think about this figure in the extension of Lilja 4ever and Eastern Europe. The doll became an object, an object of desire, which we mixed with mise-en-abyme - a composition technique that places pictures, or stories for that matter, inside each other. In this context we see it as a kind of vicious circle, unfolding inwards."

Stream Russian Doll below and keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming album news.



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