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A Reinvigorated Spirit: Underoath at the House of Blues in Anaheim

The metalcore giants lead a touring bill of trailblazing acts with utmost splendor.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

All Photographs by Ekaterina Gorbacheva (

As Voyeurist (2022) has proved, Underoath have yet to miss a step in their contemporary standing and they lead one of the most exciting metalcore bills to hit venues this year in celebration of their latest effort via Fearless Records. Led by the genre greats themselves, the Voyeurist Tour features the highly touted Spiritbox, the 2022 year-end contending Bad Omens, and the exhilarating Stray From The Path for one standout evening of performances that will leave many talking. That said, this is one you can't miss and lucky me for being among the many present at the sold-out tour stop at the House of Blues in Anaheim on March 17th.

Though Friday night traffic unfortunately forced me to miss Stray From The Path and Bad Omens, Spiritbox was set to go on and excitement was through the roof in the packed House of Blues. The band's long-awaited debut, Eternal Blue, charted high throughout 2021 with high praise catapulting the band to new extremes, and rightfully so.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

The band looked back to 2019's spellbinding Rule of Nines to kick things off and minutes after, we were well on our way into an electric display that found frontwoman Courtney LaPlante making a statement of the band's unstoppable energy. From here on out, it was all Eternal Blue and stage lights matched the album color palette for one well-aligned visual. Those in the audience could be heard singing along to the powerful choruses of Circle With Me and Hurt You, both standout selections that will stand the test of the time as the band's upward trajectory continues. It wasn't all high octane, though, as the band played through a few of their more gentler numbers. Those being Constance and the album's serene title track. For a band only one album in, the sonic maturity in this versatile showing was nothing short of pristine and all in attendance bared witness to stars in the making.

Enjoy a Spiritbox photo gallery below:

While one can say that Spiritbox help carry the torch for metalcore, that torch still burns bright for the few genre defining bands that command as well as they did in their early years. Enter Underoath, an ensemble who continue to leave their marks as a reinvigorated spirit that remains true to its craft. This year's release of Voyeurist was more than just another great record, but a defining one that further cements the band's elite stance. As our featured performers took the stage, we were about to see why.

Prior to the set's commencement, a masked figure walked onstage with disclaimer message asking everyone to enjoy the show. It was an intentional sight that reaffirms the community spirit the band strengthens show after show, especially with Voyeurist taking on themes that challenge the way we curate ourselves through social media. Wilt Chamberlain and co. then rip and roared with the blood-curling opener that is Damn Excuses. It's here that we're introduced to the visual spectacle that accompanies the Voyeurist Tour as lights flash into a frenzy. Those first momentous minutes set a high mark for the career-spanning setlist that awaited.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

There's a mutual exchange between the band and the ecstatic crowd as they feed off one another. This grows to new heights once the band takes it back to 2008's Lost In The Sound of Separation through the track Breathing In A New Mentality. Nostalgia was on full effect. Revisiting these past gems was an act of reflection for a band who's endured the changing landscape of the scene and capitalized on their opportunities through camaraderie. That is evident in their stage persona and glowing facial expressions after every vicious riff and piercing scream.

Underoath continued down an alternating memory lane as they brought it back to modern day, and then back down to their foundations again. On My Teeth transitioned into It's A Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door and then into In Regards To Myself, shortly followed by Hallelujah and No Frame. The many faces of Underoath were welcomed by the incredibly receptive crowd. Guitarist Tim McTague raged through the eclectic offerings that followed and Aaron Gillespie exploded and soared like no other. The live renditions of Reinventing Your Exit and There Could Be Nothing After This affirm such a statement. With Writing On The Walls to close them out, Underoath wrapped it up on a cathartic note with this being the band's first tour since it all became a thing again. The anticipation was there and they left it all on stage.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

From They're Only Chasing Safety (2004) to Define The Great Line (2006) and Voyeurist, the House of Blues celebrated the revered discography of Underoath with fans both new and old forming a communal experience to remember. Beyond the tour being a celebration of the band's latest endeavor, it's a timelapse of the genre's evolution through the lens of one of the most celebrated bands in it. Consider this a recommendation to attend any remaining tour stop as they continue to sell out.

Enjoy a photo gallery of Underoath's performance below and get your tickets HERE.


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