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UNIFORM announce new album 'Shame'

Channeling unpleasant memories for an aggressive coalition of sound.

Photograph by Ebru Yildiz

Now entering their 7th year since first forming, UNIFORM are set to release their most personal, most warring effort to date via the mighty Sacred Bones. Titled Shame, this 4th LP arrives September 11th with a tantalizing sound palette of industrial metal to boast, serving as a result of the musical growth made through collaborative albums with THE BODY and memorable tours with DEAFHEAVEN and BORIS. The well-layered musicianship on Shame comes complemented with a striking album cover by HIDE's Heather Gabel. It all comes down September 11th but the band have shared the lead single Delco as an introduction to the violence that awaits.

Frontman Michael Berdan comments on the single:

“During my adolescence I would get routinely picked on and beat up by some of the kids in the neighborhood who I desperately wanted to like me. The more beatings I caught, the more I’d go back to try and impress them. My self esteem was nonexistent and I developed psychological calluses. I learned to repeat some of the behaviors that had been leveled my way on those beneath me in the pecking order. In time, I became numb. Getting older and attempting to reconcile with personal demons surrounding depression, anxiety and substance abuse has forced me to take a long, hard look at my childhood. In the process I've realized to degrees just how I've perpetuated learned cycles of harm. A terrified part of me is still a little kid in Delco. This song is an exercise in trying to come to terms with these ghosts and let go. Some days are better than others.”

Berdan adds:

“I wanted my words to carry a degree of weight on this record. Books and cinema have always been integral to my life, and that is often because of how I relate to the themes and characters therein. I am naturally shy and terrified of being misunderstood. This time around, I endeavored to trudge through those fears in order to explicitly articulate what goes on in a dreary corner of my inner life. To put it plainly: I was in a dark place. It was the culmination of years of thinking everyone in the world was wrong, but me. I realized that I couldn’t control the attitudes and behaviors of other people, but it was my responsibility to look inward and fix what was there. I had to articulate what was going on in my heart, my head, and my soul. As I set about the task of writing everything down, I experienced exorcism. If I wanted any kind of reprieve, I had to let go of the narrative that the demons in the back of my head had been constantly whispering to me. For years I held onto my lyrics like personal diary entries. Now is the time for a different approach.”

Stream the menacing Delco below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Heather Gabel


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