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Unto Others share moving new single 'Butterfly'

Portland's premiere heavy metal unit return with an electrifying number and a video directed by Zev Deans.

unto others new music, unto others, heavy metal, unto others butterfly.
Photograph by Kim Coffel

With aviator shades and a brief yet strong discography speaking highly of their promise, Unto Others have carved a unique path in the contemporary heavy metal arena, one that has earned them a deserved acclaim for a distinct ability to blend a maelstrom of elements towards a multi-faceted heavy metal sound. With 2019's Mana debut setting a strong entry and 2021's Strength furthering their talents, the anticipation grows higher for a third full-length. Until then, the band now share Butterfly — an uplifting, feel-good track that capitalizes on its soulful instrumentation to narrate your soundtrack to the weekend.

Unto Others say the song is about "...the choices we make everyday, do we create or destroy, do we lift up or put down. Do we do this to ourselves, or others. The listener can decide.”

Stream Butterfly below.

unto others new music, unto others, unto others butterfly.
"Butterfly" (2024) Cover Artwork


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