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VACIVUS look to define extremity on new album "Annihilism"

A notch above the rest.

Though death metal is having another excellent year, the amount of releases arriving within the genre has become plentiful with only a margin of them being deemed worthy. It takes a towering level of intensity to have your slab of death shine among the ranks and it seems as though VACIVUS have found the formula. The quintet are set to release their unrelenting new record Annihilism on October 25th via Profound Lore Records.

To demonstrate the ferocity of Annihilism, the band have made available the lead single Shards for a truly sadistic listening experience. From start to finish, the rage bleeding through the tumulting drum work is felt and complemented by the explosiveness of the Rochester (CRUCIAMENTUM) and Oliver guitar duo. Hell spews from the mouth of Nick Craggs, adding an additional layer of menace. Simply put, this is death metal of the highest order.

Stream the blistering new offering Shards below and stay tuned for pre-orders.

Cover art by Khaos Diktator Design


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