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VANANIDR stream new self-titled debut in full

As cold and frigid as the cover art suggests.

One man black metal unit VANANIDR has set April 4th, 2019 as the arrival date for the self-titled debut via Purity Through Fire. What began as a full fledged band in 1999 under the HYDRA moniker has become multi-instrumentalist Anders Eriksson's band. After several members left throughout the years, Eriksson took it upon himself to pick up the unfinished recordings, records the vocals himself, and unleash the final product as VANANIDR. Karl Tunander contributed drum work for the release.

The effort creates a somber, shadowy atmosphere by drawing from woodland mysticism and Swedish folk music. Add these elements to the resounding black metal attack and you have yourself a mighty fine listening experience.

Tracklisting for Vananidr: 1. Raging Blizzards 2. Frostbitten Kingdom 3. Abomination of Evil 4. Projections 5. Rise 6. Warfare 7. Enter Eternity 8. Psalm till Döden

Stream Vananidr in full now via Bandcamp.


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