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VASTUM announce new album "Orificial Purge"

Malevolence in musical form.

Photograph by Chris Johnston

Like Denver and Arizona, the California Bay Area is currently a hot spot for quality death metal with bands as heavy as ULTHAR, NECROT, and MORTUOUS hailing from the region as of late. Whether it be because of Greg Wilkinson's musical prowess making its way to many of those releases or rather that the artists themselves are just insanely talented, there's just no sign of stopping the madness that ensues. VASTUM are the latest of the bunch to add fire to to the flame with the release of Orificial Purge, set to arrive on October 25th via 20 Buck Spin.

Though the Laina Terpstra's cover painting deviates from the genre standard, however the music itself does not, offering only the most crushing of sonic soundscapes that man has to offer. There may be a death metal abundance as of late, but VASTUM's Orificial Purge stands firm among the elite. The first single Reveries in Autophagia is here to consume and devour those willing to bask in it's cave-dwelling glory.

Stream Reveries In Autophagia below and keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders.

Cover art by Laina Terpstra


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