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VEIN.FM announce new album 'This World Is Going To Ruin You' + stream lead single

The follow-up to 'Errorzone' (2018) is every bit as punishing as you'd imagine.

A Will Putney production job is essentially a seal of approval, as countless records in recent years can attest. The announcement of new record, This World Is Going to Ruin You, is no exception to rule as the Grammy-winning producer helped build a downright punishing beast. Closed Casket Activities will handle the release come March 4th, 2022 and lead single The Killing Womb arrived jointly to set us straight. This is metallic hardcore at its finest and

The band comments:

"Every release is like its own universe. On Errorzone, we made a departure into another universe, sonically and visually. It was very futuristic and high-energy, and there were lots of elements we tapped into in order to fulfill our vision of that universe."

Frontman Anthony DiDio adds:

"But it's not a contrived nostalgia trip. We're just naturally taking that part of the band to a fuller potential. Errorzone was entering another world, while this record is coming home. I was coming from a very anti-social mentality. I want people to completely disconnect and have their own personal journey through this album."

Stream The Killing Womb below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.
Cover Artwork by Autumn Morgan


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