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WHITE STONES (OPETH) broaden death metal boundaries on 'Kuarahy'

All the while harnessing Uruguay's radiant history.


Though many musical side-projects tend to be drawn back to the band from whence they came, it takes a special kind of talent to position said side-project on a pedestal of its own, a talent that OPETH bassist Martin Mendez has harnessed with his own death metal unit WHITE STONES. The long-time bassist has built an ensemble capable of redefining the genre's straightforward boundaries for a complex and richly layered composition known as Kuarahy, which has arrived today via Nuclear Blast Records.

The record pays homage to Mendez' hometown of Uruguay, representing an honest and truly worthwhile exploration of a genre that has seen a recent influx of releases. It's an unconventional work, arising out of a lack of direction that was later found through passion present in the lush guitar work of tracks like the dynamic Taste of Blood. Standout offerings such as Drowned In Time, Rusty Shell, and Ashes achieve at pummeling the listener with a double bass pedal display from the depths, adding a reverberating heartbeat to the hymns. Mendez and co. sprinkle melancholy in spurts through melodies electric solos that pair well with blood-curling growls.

Kuarahy marks the first time that Mendez himself has written a collection of songs, again representing the true honesty of this record and the musical prowess that lies underneath. Those expecting OPETH won't find it here, as WHITE STONES is a beast in its own right. It's safe to say that the radiant sun of the Uruguayan flag is ever present here.

Stream the lead single Drowned In Time below and order your copy of Kuarahy HERE.

Cover art by Heresie Graphics


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